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Although I have been fortunate to work with many different clients, here is a list of some my specialties.

This could be adjusting to a new, chronic, or terminal illness. You may be the person diagnosed or may be the family member or loved one who is impacted by a serious illness. Most illnesses are family centered and it is challenging for everyone involved.
Regardless of how much you care about each other or how long you have been together, we all have areas that we could use support and improvement. Invest in the work now to improve your relationship forever. Two family histories are now merging into one: make this a gift to each other and not a barrier.
Counseling is not just before a marriage, but also to improve a marriage that has grown into a routine or has areas that you are not fully satisfied with at this time. Participation does not indicate a failing relationship, it just means that you want to grow and strengthen your relationship. Some of the areas you may want to work on together:
  • Communication
  • Work/Relationship Balance
  • Moving through Life Transitions together
  • Negotiating Change
  • Intimacy issues, physical or emotional
When we experience grief or loss, this can definitely be associated with death and dying, but also the loss of something you once had. You may have also experienced:
  • Divorce/Break up
  • Miscarriage/Death
  • Life Transition of relocating/Job change
Many of us are very good at helping others, but have a harder time being kind to ourselves. There are constant barriers that can restrict us from becoming our best self. An area that could use some improvement:
  • Work-life balance
  • Changing bad habits
  • Time management/Procrastination
  • Negative body image or Self view
Many people experience various symptoms of anxiety or depression, but do not feel they deserve to get the help to address it. Regardless of how often or serious you feel the symptoms are, you deserve to feel better and together we can achieve this. Some common symptoms that people feel:
  • Sad, isolated, lack motivation
  • Weight gain/loss

We will discuss what your goals are during our meeting and create a care plan to work on outside of our sessions. I hope to help you gain more insight about your issues so you can grow and change your thinking and behaviors to have a greater quality of life. There may be times that I want to pursue issues quicker or more directly than you are ready, but you are always in charge of the speed and direction of the sessions.

Group Sessions

I also offer a variety of groups that address specific issues. Please contact me regarding current group information.


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